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Top online educational resources for learning internet marketing

Posted by on Nov 22, 2015

Today, it is vital that everyone know how to use the internet – it touches everyone’s life in one way or another. It doesn’t matter what profession or line of work you are in – most of us will find that we turn to the internet more than once every day for one reason or another. Unfortunately, many people dont’t realize that they can make more money by learning how to use the internet better.  Most people are able to do basic searches for information but what they don’t realize is that with a little bit of skill, they can do a lot more. That is why learning the internet is important. There are many online learning resources that teach internet skills but not all of them are very good. We have compiled a list of the top ones here. If you choose to learn on any of these websites you will not be disappointed.


123This is an excellent place to get started when you are learning the internet. Students can learn through videos and texts and they can choose subjects such as website development, website design, HTML composition, web, photography, 3D animation, video, audio and music.  Students can start by taking the free a free trial for a short period after which they can pay up to continue taking the course. Once you are member you get a host of benefits – you have unlimited access, you have experts teachers to instruct you, you can create custom playlists and you have unlimited access to thousands of websites and other resources that you can choose from. You can trust Lynda.com to teach you what you want to learn because so far, they have successfully trained more than 4 million students. All courses are updated on a regular basis so you can be sure that you are getting the latest information.


ih2vOpDtAs the name suggests, this website focuses mainly on teaching users how to code. Currently, it has more than 25 million learners. You can learn how to make a website, create an interactive website, learn Rails, learn AngularJS, SQL and many more. The great thing about this website is that it can help you transform your life – once you learn how to code you can get a job almost anywhere you want. Just log onto the website and you will see many stories of people who transformed their lives by learning how to code. What attracts users to this site is the fact that it is free – you don’t have to pay a dime. Learners are free to learn at their own speed so you don’t have to worry about being rushed for time to finish your course.

Codeacademy offers an almost gamified interactive online platform that teaches multiple programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, and more.


This website is for those who want to learn programming language so that they can build websites. Learners use tutorials and references to learn a number of programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL and JQuery. Students are allowed to build and test their own websites during the course of the training. Most of the courses on the site are free and you can take as long as you like to finish your course. The material on the website is provided by experts and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it is correct and up to date. The courses are designed in such a way that learners can learn how to teach by the time they complete their course. This website has one advantage over others of this kind – learners get a complementary certificate once they complete their course.


This is a paid site for learning the internet but users say that it is well worth every dime they spent on it. It provides IT training but also teaches students how to program in a number of different languages. Once they are true with their course they can go ahead and do things like build apps, build websites and they are also able to work in different areas of IT. What is most impressive about Pluralsight.com is how comprehensive the courses are – students go into a lot of detail meaning that by the time they are through they know a lot more than students who have studied the same courses on other sites. They also have a range of excellent internet marketing courses. Parents will be happy to know that Pluralsight.com has now launched free coding courses for young children.
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So which website is best?

All these websites are very good for those interested in learning internet marketing and you can be sure that whichever one will choose will equip you with skills that you did not have before.
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